Copper Bloops

Did this little electro-pop song as another “stream background” thing.  Took me a little over three hours!  (The name is from a viewer named “Copperfronts” who said he liked the “bloop bloop” sound…)

Download it!

Here’s the three-and-a-bit hours of me making it from scratch!
Part 1
Part 2

Burn (Video)

This is the first time I’ve actually finished a video with 3D stuff. Figured I may as well throw in some other random first-time stuff, too! (Like compositing green screen stuff, and the 2D animation… yay!) If I can do this, you can do it better, so go make something!

3D Animation – Blender
2D Animation – Blackmagic Fusion
Graphics – Inkscape
Editing – Blackmagic Davinci Resolve
The green screen is from here:
You can download the music for free here: