C-Meet St. 2003


Duration: 3:13
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“If it’s late in July then you won’t see me”
Unless you’re chillin out down on C-Meet St.
It’s 50 weeks later waiting up in McB
51 weeks and “I can’t be beat”
So now I’m single like a slice of Kraft processed cheese
But if you get me too excited might start to wheeze
So you know whatever comes I gotta take it with ease
And if you try to bring the stress, tsch, please
Been a crazy year, yeah that’s for sure
But now things is looking up so gimme some more
I wanna know, but I just don’t know
Who’s gonna show, and who’s got the cameo
So now, who done made it?  Man, what the dilly
Sure there’s fires everywhere, but at least it ain’t chilly
it’s sunny all week, no need to get silly
And I’m making memories like with Waters and Billy

Chorus (2x)
“If it’s late in July then you won’t see me”
Unless it’s C-Meet St. in 2003
Another year another hook up all over BC
And making memories is my guarantee

First Saturday, first photo op
head down to the river, time to cop some shots
the tunnels were first and we had to backtrack
and we stopped at the lake, but man it was packed
On Sunday heading into Chilliwack
No need to drive, Patrick’s got my back
stop in at the hut, and I ain’t jokin’
give the boy some pop and watch him start chokin
back in hope to dq after hitting the lake
have you ever seen janelle try to drink a milkshake?
to the lake again for a little more fun
gotta cross the road, so run like… oh, RUN!
yeah, we all made it, so down to the rocks
but I ain’t Sherlock, so bring the shamrocks
if I jump in the water you know I’m clowning
but if I’m sucking it downin’ then you know I’m drowning
last saturday at the river again
and when I said tell a friend, I mean tell a friend
got almost everybody there people climbing in trees
got andrew on the camera try to “niiii” like Bre
Saturday night taking pics like whoa
keep the breath fresh so I’m ready to go
can’t even say hi to all the people you know
so another photo blitz to close the show
didn’t get to talk to you don’t worry ’bout that
next year, I’ll step up like Kyle and Zach
look once, look twice grab a heart attack
look one more time and yo, who’s that?
patrick getting tipsy just to save the gear
bla staying up with the party over here
you know we get crazy every day of the year
“and may God watch us all till we meet next year”