C-Meet St. 2010


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let me tell you a little story about a man named “me”
summer 2010 hitting c-meet st.
got all my gear, and i got my white tees
and i gotta shout out to my man danny d
hang out all week, he was my right-hand man
got his neck back ’cause God’s got the plan
got his neck brace on, for most of the day
but we’re still gonna play all day

hang with devon from back in the day, and you know we get that.
man, shoot.  You know she said that
he can draw the books, and like no other
if you need a stick man, here’s my number
draw a stick chanel, and i can draw all summer
get mel to go to youth?  that’ll take all summer
and if you’re kinda honest, basketball was a bummer
so i played volleyball this summer

and the team of the year?  you know it’s team selene
and joey let me bass it up on the youth scene
with esther, valen, kimmy, abe, kirsten, and neil
with carvy and josias enhancing the feel
aaron and josh jumping cliffs how high?
and lexi and felicia saved my life
and with felicia, dan and cady, let’s go for a run
and i think a quick drive would be fun

having fun in the sun, toss dan the keys to the car
me and devon high ropes, we won’t get far
kirsten on the zip line?  she won’t get far
but with all the video, we’ll make her a star
let chanel cut my hair – how hard could it be?
climb the rock wall and tear up my bare feet
and heidi what do you think, ’cause I thought it was a sneeze

yyeess… but i digress
jam session friday night, man that was the best
share a stage with naomi, watch enoch play
and it’s not everday i get to jam with josh j
and all the ladies say they like the glow sticks, dan
maybe even more than phil likes sex in a pan
and the girl with the plan even though it was late
talk to liz about pyruvate

her explanation is great.  hit the store for a smoothie or two
and get some aloe for hannah for a soothie or two
it’s true on the street, everything is a trip
and can brandon get a got grip?  (GOT GRIIIIP!!!)
and it was podcast year
and i think sara k was camera shy this year
and if i could say a prayer that i hold dear
may God watch us all till we meet next year

“Never Alone” (2001)

When did life get so hard
Everything was going smooth, mad grip, making all the moves
Showing mad improve, then everything crashed, I’m starting to lose
Things is crazy wack, life on the attack, and I can’t turn back
I never felt stress like this before
Used to run with the best, now I hit the floor
Things get worse yet.  Make me wanna jet, and I wanna forget
But there’s no way out, can’t split the set
What’s life about before it’s gone?  What’d I get? (Nothing)
I ain’t got rent, no posse, no crew, no fam.  What’s left?
Only one thing that makes me go, got to remember that I’m never alone.

Never alone… God’s got my back, so I’m never alone.
Never alone… God’s got my back, so I’m never alone.

Things is going insane
Losing everything.  Losing my face, losing my name
Can’t go one day without taking shame
Don’t know the rules but I’m playing the game
What’d I miss?  Been around two tens, then some
But I’m still missing the bliss
Then I gotta make it quick an sneak a kiss on my life
Before it’s just a memory, but I won’t let go
‘Cause I know Somebody’s waiting to show the door
Pick me up from off the floor
Let me know that I’m never alone

Now you can’t bring me down
Clown with the frown trying to make life hard around town
But I got mad Grip.  You want a sip, then read my lips.
G-O-D got me.
And that’s all you need to know
So you better back on up, ’cause it ain’t me you’re playing, you know what I’m saying?
I’m already paying the dues I go, so go ahead and go
I ain’t got time for no jokes
I’m busy on the hook up with the Only One
Trying to get things done while I’m under the sun
Night’s on the way, then whatcha gonna do
When your friends are gone, and it ain’t nobody but you
True up that I got no home
But at least I know that I’m never alone