God Is Watching Over Me


Duration: 3:49
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when there’s nothing left to say
and when life burned me yesterday
and when I got hurt again today
and tomorrow’s just another day
gonna let it come my way
I know that nothing’s here to stay
I know not everything goes my way
and I know God’s watching anyway
bad things do what they do
don’t have to let me get confused
don’t have to force me to approve
don’t have to lose if I don’t want to
gotta still fight for all that’s true
gotta still run through the abuse
God, You went through this, too
So I don’t have to stress when I’m with You

if life’s got nothing left to see
if life is perfect harmony
life’s got nothing left for me
when God is watching over me
don’t have to live in misery
don’t have to let it get to me
don’t have to look too hard too see
God is watching over me

life’s not fair what do you do
life not fair? boo-freakin’ hoo
I’ve got bigger things to do
than sit around like I’ve got no clue
can’t sit around waiting for you
if you ain’t gonna take up your cross, too
too many animals in this zoo
too many battles to get through
too many enemies in my way
too many fights with me today
I’m the biggest foe I’ll have to face
erase disgrace while I run my race
so i’ll stay in the fight till I see His face
won’t waste time while I’m in this place
can’t waste time that’s not mine to waste
so don’t waste my time if you’re wasting space

if you can’t see God open up your eyes
i can’t sympathize with any lies
i won’t patronize with your fake sighs
and you won’t see me when you’re out to terrorize
it’s all on you if you know what to do
it’s all on you but you have to know you
and you can’t know you if you don’t stay true
out with the old, in with the new
if you wanna go new, it’s up to you
you just gotta take life back for you
don’t have to go do what they do
spend time on your knees, that helps, too
spend your time on the things that are gonna change you
some time with the people who raise you
some time with the God who died for you
some time with the God who died for you

“Never Alone” (2001)When did life get so hard
Everything was going smooth, mad grip, making all the moves
Showing mad improve, then everything crashed, I’m starting to lose
Things is crazy wack, life on the attack, and I can’t turn back
I never felt stress like this before
Used to run with the best, now I hit the floor
Things get worse yet.  Make me wanna jet, and I wanna forget
But there’s no way out, can’t split the set
What’s life about before it’s gone?  What’d I get? (Nothing)
I ain’t got rent, no posse, no crew, no fam.  What’s left?
Only one thing that makes me go, got to remember that I’m never alone.

Never alone… God’s got my back, so I’m never alone.
Never alone… God’s got my back, so I’m never alone.

Things is going insane
Losing everything.  Losing my face, losing my name
Can’t go one day without taking shame
Don’t know the rules but I’m playing the game
What’d I miss?  Been around two tens, then some
But I’m still missing the bliss
Then I gotta make it quick an sneak a kiss on my life
Before it’s just a memory, but I won’t let go
‘Cause I know Somebody’s waiting to show the door
Pick me up from off the floor
Let me know that I’m never alone

Now you can’t bring me down
Clown with the frown trying to make life hard around town
But I got mad Grip.  You want a sip, then read my lips.
G-O-D got me.
And that’s all you need to know
So you better back on up, ’cause it ain’t me you’re playing, you know what I’m saying?
I’m already paying the dues I go, so go ahead and go
I ain’t got time for no jokes
I’m busy on the hook up with the Only One
Trying to get things done while I’m under the sun
Night’s on the way, then whatcha gonna do
When your friends are gone, and it ain’t nobody but you
True up that I got no home
But at least I know that I’m never alone