Got Grip Pt.2


Duration: 3:07
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guess who’s back it’s money-and-a-track
and I got enough tunes to fill your backpack
and I’ll give you something to chew on like it’s a snackpack
and I’ll do it for free ’cause I don’t do it for the brownbacks
yeah, I do it for the love
and uh, yeah, and it ain’t no need to shove
’cause the love that I got just can’t be beat
unless you’re weak, then it’s ctrl-alt-del
i got the plaaaaaaaang
let’s hook it up and do our thang
’cause if you get with me then it ain’t no thang
and you know full well that we got our own thang
and there’s always room for more up in our own claaaaaang
but if you wanna be the hop to my hip
then tell me something, Do you got Grip?

(got grip?) come on, tell me what you got
if you know what you got and what you got is hot
(got grip?) so are you hot or not
’cause I’m gonna make it hot and you know I can’t stop
(got grip?) look me straight in the face
when you tell me who you with that’ll brace your case
and whatcha doing all up in your space
and where you at, baby, stop the waste

don’t hate ’cause I hold it down
don’t front ’cause I been around
and your mask covers up like an open book
’cause if you’re frontin’ I’m not as dumb as you look
i’m just looking for a team somebody to pair with
and all I’m seeing out there is people to bear with
it ain’t easy trying to finding people to care with
all this love and nobody to share with?
oh well, patience makes the man
so I’ll just sit back and let God run the plan
and in the mean time you got to understand
that I still don’t take no trash whether it’s in, or out, of the can
and I still don’t play
and it’s still all out each and every day
and uh, if you think you’re ready to rip
then tell me something, do you got Grip?

so who wants to come with me as I shoot for the sky
’cause I gotta be honest, you gotta choose to qualify
trying to mess with the plans, man, don’t even try
’cause I said I got Grip, and I’m ready to die
so everybody stay involved when I’m making my bids
you got to understand Grip loves the kids
so it ain’t no problem when we’re blowing off the lid
‘Cause now I’m Big Money, but I used to be The Squid
Yeah, I know what it’s like when it’s not quite right
but then God grabbed me, so now I shine bright
and I’m bringing the tunes, get you feeling alright
and visit, ’cause that’s my websiiiite
(websiiiiite!!!) I’m about ready to skip
so if you want to join me with the Championship,
just say, “Yeahhh,” and crack that whip
and tell me something, do you got Grip?