Got Grip

The song that either started, or was inspired by, the movement.  (Can’t remember which…)


Duration: 2:59
Download (2.7M)


If you think you know my rhyme, you’re thinking this ain’t me
(Money Grip not smooth?)  No, smooth as can be
Been making crazy music since the ’93
So I gotta mix it up for versatility
I got the grip on the lyrics, got the grip on the track
Got the grip on the mad aphrodisiac
Money Grip on the track, yo, you know it’s phat
Take an old-school beat and make it come on back
Now some of ya’ll may wonder what the Grip is about
It ain’t hard, but some of ya’ll can’t figure it out
The bombard coming at you, giving you strife
And you know what’s coming next, I’m talking Grip on life

(Got Grip?) What you got?  Look me straight in the face
(Got Grip?) What you doing all up in your space
(Got Grip?) Who you with that’ll brace your case
(Got Grip?) And where you at, baby?  Stop the waste

Big Money’s coming at you, are you in the know
If not, grab a pencil, ’cause I’m starting the show
Gonna keep real simple talking how life go
Hassling keep coming, but I’m taking it slow
Now some of ya’ll be stressing if the ice don’t glow
And some of ya’ll be tripping if the pockets don’t grow
But how stressed you be when you’re digging on the
Your friends wanna bust, now they’re making flowers grow
When your people needing you, where you at
You give me flak when I try to get your morals back
It ain’t my bad if you’re fighting the wrong war
‘Cause God’s got my back.  Sorry, who got yours
Gotta keep it in perspective, gotta stay in the know
Knowing what to do when, what’s apropos
Knowing when to do why, ’cause you must outgrow
Come out with the boom-blaow like it’s Tae Kwon Do
Wanna hit hard?  Get your head on straight
Ain’t no playing when life’s moving like a freight train
Use your brain and save the pain
Stop going insane so you can remain

I got the Ale if it’s Ginger, got the beer if it’s Root
Still got my Droopy tie when I’m bringing the suit
I got the skills on the box, ’cause I gotta be leet
If Campmeeting’s on the way, better break out the DEET
Kicking back with some Schweppes playing Live2K
On the 386, Bird against MJ
Once in a while, pushing flak in UT
Why it’s running so slow in Direct3D
From where the sun rises to where it set
I still be getting bigger like the national debt
From the forests on the Island to the Pingos in Tuk
What you think I’m gonna curse?  Sorry, you outta luck
I keep it clean on the court, I keep it clean in the mix
I keep it smooth on the ivories and quick in the kicks
Only thing I’m whipping out is my bag of tricks
And if it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix
Still kickin’ live while I’m under the sun
If you wanna come chill, leave behind the gun
No matter what happens I be getting fun done
Girl bring the cinnamon, don’t forget the bun…

Money-and-a-track, I’m coming at ya
If you got an itch, I’m looking to scratch ya
Game running slow?  I’m looking to patch ya
And if you wanna play, then I must unattach ya
If you’re biting off like Eve and the apple
If you got mad rope, but you got no grapple
If you think you got skills, but you only dabble
Then I’m gonna play you out like a game of Scrabble
Coming on the scene trying to stay low-pro
Problems that come, I work ’em out like dough is the place to go
When you wanna look me up, and drop a hello
Now I’m ’bout to go, but I’m letting you know
Only one thing to show while you’re on the go
Gotta give God thanks, and enjoy what He’s given
Solomon’s words, but how you livin’