I Want To Love You More


Duration: 4:03
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Guitar Chords:

C G/B      D Em7
Jesus, I’m falling

C   G/B    D   Em7
Fighting myself

     C     G/B    D   Em7
Your grace and forgiveness

     C        G/B      Dsus D
Your strength and Your help

    C      G/B       D      Em7
Are what I need, and what I want

  C      G/B    D   Em7
I want a better life

C         G/B     D         Em7
Peace and joy and faith and hope

    Am7              Dsus

And help to love You more


G       D        C
Help me love the way You love

G       D         Em7            C
Give me grace and strength from above

G         D         Am7         Em7
I want to live what You have in store for me

C          Dsus
Meet my destiny I want to love You more

C G/B           D    Em7
Father, they’re watching

    C      G/B  D     Em7
The people all around

     C   G/B     D     Em7
They see me, I’m preaching

      C       G/B    Dsus  D
Don’t have to make a sound

    C          G/B       D        Em7
But they won’t know that they can grow

    C      G/B    D    Em7
And live a better life

C          G/B         D       Em7
They won’t see You for who You are

   Am7              Dsus
If I don’t love You more


C                D
Help me see You, let me touch You

Em7                 D/F#
Help me see You for who You are

C                 D
Help me show You, help me live You

Am7    Em7       C    Dsus
Let me know Your love

WonderfulG          D/F#        Em7
The beauty in a single flower

C2             G
The sun against my skin

D/F#           Em7
The ocean spray on every shore

C2       G/B   Am7
The sky when day begins

G/B            Dsus   D
The God who made the eagle soar

Am7     G/B              C2
We only want to love You more

Chorus (2x):
G       D/F#               Em7
It’s so wonderful that the God who made the

C2             G
Universe could love me

G               D/F#           Em7
You’re there to help me when I fall

C2                G
You lead when I can’t see

D/F#           Em7
You’re there to save me when I call

C2     G/B     Am7
I’m always in Your reach

G/B             Dsus   D
You show Your love in all You do

Am7      G/B             C2
So now I give my life to You


Am7         G/B           Dsus   D
The God who loves me as I am

Am7           G/B          C2
The God who’s coming back again


Written: Thursday, October 24, 2002
� Copyright Paul Taylor, 2002