Just Having Fun

Did this song with the fantastic Ellise Bressette (who’s going to be famous one day)!


Duration: 4:16
Download (4.9M)


sunny days
make me want to go outside to play
grab some friends and we can play all day
sometimes you gotta put the work away
and through the night
doesn’t matter what we do tonight
my friends around me make me feel alright
God watching over keep me safe tonight

living my life in the rain or the sun
and i don’t need much ’cause i’m just having fun
cloudy days they go and they come
but they won’t change me ’cause i’m just having fun

winter cold
still having fun out in the winter snow
the winter wonderland is ready to go
i can’t pretend like there’s no place to go
come inside
don’t need a fire to be warm inside
and if my friends come over ready to ride
i think it just might be a long night


i’m on the track with my girl ellise
cutie on the track she’s the beauty to my beast
(growl) what you know about me
when i’m just having fun do you really understand me
(not likely) hard to see
how you only have fun when you’re getting tipsy
’cause getting fun done ain’t hard for me
it’s not hard to have fun when you have a personality
(huuuh) guess the problem ain’t me
when i’m just having fun there’s no need to hate me
and lately, thing are just getting better
in any weather get around like a feather
getting older now but i’m still having fun
with everyone, young or old, in the rain or the sun
but that’s just what i do
love from God through me to you and you
and like i said before, you can come too
just be kind and the fun will come to you
and yeah, not everyone will get what you do
but you were never promised that they had to were you?
(no) so keep your mind on forever
and never ever, let the bad get the better
and in case my piece has been a little boring
let’s go back to ellise with the moral of the story

what do you do
when the stress piles up on you
beat it back ’cause that’s what you do
and never let it get the best of you
and one day
you can throw all the pain away
if you let God take you away
we’ll get to play forever and a day