My All

Wrote and performed this song with Brandon Clarke and Dan Dobroskay.


Duration: 4:17
Download (4.9M)


verse 1:
here i am
lost again
i don’t know where to begin

gotta to find a way
nothing makes sense in my life
trying to find a reason
i’m looking for the right path again

forgive me Lord, i’ve strayed
i’ve recognized the price You’ve paid
i’m running back to You
so Lord, my all i give to You

verse 2:
here i stand
i give You what i have
i lay it all in Your hands

it might be hard to grow
might be hard to change
but when i’m with you i know
i’m walking on the right path again


when i stumble and i fall
you’ll be with me through it all
i know i’ll make mistakes
but you’ll love me anyway
when i don’t know what to do
i’ll come running back to you
i’ll come running back to you