The Father's Love


Duration: 4:46
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verse 1
on a hot and dusty day
while Your disciples were away
when the woman came to You
You didn’t turn away
she didn’t see just who You are
and she tried to hide her scars
but You reached out to save her
even though she’d fallen far
when You came to her to show
the Father’s love

verse 2
You let the blind see the sun
You let the lame jump and run
You fed the thousands from Your hand
and blessed the children one by one
and when an outcast leper came
You showed Your tenderness again
he felt a touch he’d longed for
and thought he’d never feel again
and all because You came to show
the Father’s love

chorus 1
when the boat began to fill
when You told the waves “be still”
the Creator took His place
and all was quiet at Your will
when the storm was on the sea
and when the storm’s too much for me
when You calm the storm, You show
the Father’s love

verse 3
You taught the people every day
on how to live from day to day
when Your disciples came to You
You taught Your children how to pray
You taught us how we should forgive
You showed us how to live
the Father sent You to us
to show us love through how You lived
You were the only way that He
could send His love

chorus 2
in the garden where You prayed
and when the mob took You away
when You stumbled down the street
as night turned into day
when You offered up Your life
when You gave Yourself to die
there was no greater way to show
the Father’s love

verse 4
when they thought that You were gone
and didn’t want to carry on
they never understood the plan
they didn’t know that they were wrong
You were just resting for the day
the Father had something to say
not even death could hold You
no grave could keep Your love away
and when He raised You up, He showed
the Father’s love

chorus 3
when it was time for You to go
when the Father took You home
You said You’d send the Helper down
and that we’d never be alone
You said You’d go prepare our place
and when we get to see Your face
then we’ll never, never leave
the Father’s love