With Your Love

Wrote this song as a Valentine’s Day gift in 1998.  (Did this recording in 2002 – pardon my vocal performance…)


Duration: 3:55
Download (3.6M)


I’ve been all alone
searching for a special someone
I know how it feels to be left in the cold.
But now you’re here
And now it’s forever
We’ll always be together
‘Cause now I’m with your love

With your love
I could fly around the world
With your love
You draw me closer to you girl
The closer and closer I get to you
let’s me know you were sent from above.
So now I know for sure.  With your love.

So we go on
Forever has begun for us
Day by day
our love grows strong
God put us here
and nothing can pull us away
My love is here to stay
together with your love


I don’t know what the future brings
but I know we’ll find our way
And I know we’ll last forever and a day