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(Say Yeah) And it goes like this
They call me Big Money, and you know I make hits
(Say Yeah) And I can’t help it
‘Cause the tunes ain’t mine so you know the tunes fit
(Say Yeah) And you’ve got to admit
That I do what I do, and you know I can’t quit
It’s a smooth little groove, go ahead and dip your hip
Yeah, I see you wanna move, even if you can sit
(Say Yeah) And I still hold it down
Like my name was Duct Tape and you could buy me down town
(Say Yeah) And I’m still kickin’ live
Like it’s 1995, and I’m back in T-Town
(Say Yeah) And I still got grip
Got my eyes on the sky and my feet on the ground
And my voice got the flow and my ears got the sound
and this ain’t no circus, no time to clown around

(Say Yeah) if you know you feel good
and you know that you should and you like it that way
(Say yeah) if you know you got grip
and you just can’t slip hold your own every day
(Say yeah) if you feel like an ace
and you’re liking first place, put a smile on your face
(Say yeah)
(Say yeah)

(Say yeah) and it goes like that
they call me Big Money, and you know I can’t slack
I got the flow, and God’s got my back
and I think I got the knack of the track (say yeah)
and I ain’t trying to scheme
I just got big dreams and I’m trying to build a team
so no need to be mean ’cause I keep myself clean
when I’m hanging on the scene… you know what I mean
(say yeah) and I still do my thing
when I bring what I bring from the tunes to the clips
(say yeah) and I still got love
ain’t no need to shove, and can I get a “got grip”
(got GRIP!!!) at work or play
no matter what you say ain’t no need to flip
ain’t no need to trip, ain’t no need to zip
and if you want to join me with the championship?

(Say yeah) and I’m just trying to say
that when I’m saying what I’m saying I’m just saying what I gotta say
(Say yeah) and I just gotta say
that when I’m praying what I’m praying I’m just praying ’cause I gotta pray
(Say yeah) and I’d like to convey
that I got mad love for the famil-ay
so come show love while you’re here today
’cause you know, sho’nuff I’m just a breath away
(Say yeah) and hold that thought
’cause you know the feeling’s hot when you know you feel right
(Say yeah) and you know you feel right
’cause you’re seeing daylight and you’re living air tight
(Say yeah) and you’re feeling alright
in the middle of the day in the middle of the night
in the middle of it all gotta stay in the fight
and if you lose one today, then win one tonight