Your Kingdom Come


Duration: 3:50
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Guitar Chords:

D  Em7       C
my Father in heaven

G            D
holy is Your name

     Em7         C
Your glory, Your power

G              D
age to age the same

Em7          C
deliver from evil

      G          D
don’t let me go astray

i need Your love

  C                      D
i need Your strength for today


G     D                 Em7
in my life Your will be done

        C                     G
Give forgiveness through Your Son

        D                  Em7
in this world Your will be done

        C                G
Father, let Your kingdom come

D  Em7       C
my Father in heaven

G             D
give my daily bread

Em7      C
fill me, feed me

    G             D
the word that You said

   Em7         C
forgive me and heal me

    G             D
and help me to forgive

help me live

    C                   D
the life You want me to live

D               Em7
show us what to say

C               G
teach us how to pray

D               Em7
lead us in Your way

C                D          G
take my life, if only for today