C-Meet St. (It Ain't Over)


Duration: 4:10
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first half of ’05 – it was staying on par
smooth as the strings on a hawaiian guitar
memories from the island up to the sand bar
might fade a little, but they’re stuck like my scar
time’s moving fast as we circle the star
and the time’s coming up to slow it down like tar
but i ain’t there yet so drive it like a sports car
and watch for the pos ’cause I ain’t trying to spar
and i just got paid so the money’s on par
didn’t get the clothes but still looking like a star
got four new wheels make sure I’m going far
and I gotta show love so thank God for this car
so it’s late in july and i’m raising the bar
i’m just having fun no acting bizarre
and if you don’t wanna come join the cast of stars
then wherever you is, there you are

no need to stop ’cause I’m ready to go
no need to go fast so I’m taking it slow
is it gonna end tomorrow, I don’t know
but it ain’t over till God say so
so i just can’t stop ’cause I’m ready to go
and I just can’t rush, so I’m taking it slow
might end tomorrow, I don’t know
but it ain’t over till God say so

so it’s campmeeting time like I said before
just staying laid back I ain’t trying to score
but we just can’t help but grow more and more
and we’re getting so big having trouble with the door
so we bring mad greets to you and yours
nice hats, nice shirts, mediocre drawers
roll up lo-pro, no need for roars
but step up with a win like I’m playing horse
yeah I play horse, and I ain’t lying
’round the back, under the leg – I’ll give you points for trying
you’ll have to forgive me if I left ’em crying
’cause I could almost do it blind like it’s instrument flying
pending some time with the kids we’re eyeing
heading out to dq, and i’ll be buying
hang out with me, and there’s no denying
that you’re gonna have fun… that’s pretty much it.

so it’s non-stop fun and crazy highlights
and we’re feeling alright either day or night
got 10 in the car and we’re packed in tight
hanging out with everybody and we’re trying to act right
wake up late start walking around
might stop at recordings if I’m not outbound
and if I am outbound then I’m ’bout to hit the town
and the tunnels and the river and I’m still spell bound
hit the river with Vin like it’s 2002
can’t even find Frank, but whaddya do?
trying to find time to hang with you and you
spend one night with Andrew times two
trying to stay dry, ’cause I ain’t trying to drown
tunnels with kory, and we’re acting like clowns
and when it’s almost over might make you wanna frown
but it ain’t over till the tent comes down