It Ain't Over


Duration: 3:23
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a long way from the start, a heartbeat from the end
a long way from The Intro to Tell A Friend
been a wild ride all the way since then
had some fun times on the way since then
one day God saved me, got Grip since then
and I’m not perfect so I’ve slipped since then
but it’s shaken not stirred, and I spit since then
a lot more stories from my lip since then
and grip till I stop breathing, you know it’s true
wanna try to stop me, you know what to do
but you’ll always tread lightly if you know God’s crew
’cause if you come through stomping, you know you’re through
and if you come through hating, nothing I can do
and if you come disrespecting, nothing left for you
’cause i’ve done what I wanted, nothing left to do
and thanks be to God for making dreams come true

no need to stop ’cause I’m ready to go
no need to go fast so I’m taking it slow
is it gonna end tomorrow, I don’t know
but it ain’t over till God say so
so i just can’t stop ’cause I’m ready to go
and I just can’t rush, so I’m taking it slow
might end tomorrow, I don’t know
but it ain’t over till God say so

shame to quit when you’re just starting to grow
but I’m not on my clock, God started the show
and don’t get it wrong, I’m not starting to slow
but when my time’s up, i’ll be starting to go
’cause when God comes knocking, how’re you gonna say no
and when God says go, how’re you gonna say whoa
fight against God, then you’re gonna fall slow
got nothing but the truth, so I gotta say so
got nothing but the love, so I’m ready to fly
and the brains and the skill got me ready to try
the stress?  got me ready to cry
the knowledge is killing me, but I’m ready to die
so ain’t nothing changed as I shoot for the sky
everything still the same, no need to ask why
I just know more now, no need to deny
I know just enough, no need not to fly

once upon a time, it was ’93
nd once upon a time, it was free as could be
just the keys and the midi, it was new as could be
just a kid flying solo, it was only me
doing my thing, it was a dream to me
can’t even tell you what it’s been to me
God stopped in and it was green to me
then God took over, ran the scene for me
now I’m grown up, and I make it flow
now it’s all big, ’cause God made it grow
now it’s coming full circle, ’cause that’s how it go
now i’m ready for the future, ’cause that’s how I roll
so no matter what happens, i’m ready to go
and no matter what happens, God runs the show
no matter who says what, you know what I know
it ain’t over till God says so