C-Meet St.


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it’s campmeeting time so it’s time again
tell a friend come make it from the start to the end
it’s Big Money coming through and I can’t pretend
like I don’t know what’s going on ’cause you breath it like oxygen
and you know where I’m at
same places I be chilling and there ain’t no slack
matter of fact it’s a re-enact
still having that fun that we had way back
I’m coming year after year poppin the same case
if you see me a with a queen, then I’m flipping an ace
security getting crazy all up in your face
kinda hard to take ’em serious when they lie to your face
i’m in the place with keys and the bass
coming through with the new site j-hill space
c-meeting full swing so there ain’t no pace
writing stories every year that you can’t erase
1985 was year number one
17 years later and the fun’s just begun
cooling out by the river waiting out for the sun
and when it rains it pours, but it’s part of the fun
we’re getting it done in the same old way
we’re having the fun like it’s yesterday
I’m the one to let you know this is the way
we do it… gon’ do it…

if it’s late in July then you won’t see me
’cause i’m straight kickin’ live out at hope BC
if it’s early in August then I can’t be beat
’cause you know I be chillin’ out on c-meet street

you better watch how I’m coming
growing up now so it’s no more running
straight loving out to all who be buzzing
c-meeting always comin’ and it’s fun in the sunnin’
01’ing I went under attack
So for ’02 I just stayed laid back
time to catch up like we did way back
Vin and Frank at the river, Waters where you at
it’s real good seeing people from back in the day
shawn and brandon getting bigger like everyday
kelsey got enough hair to keep the bears away
Kelly N. gonna remember “I’m Here To Stay”
Don’t get to chill with Jeff ’cause he’s a busy man
Camp got him all running like it’s central command
understand love is part of the plan
Gina, Brock, Delaney from the study clan
Seeing people from the school in V-i-c
Can’t forget the Ferguson’s from O-City
must spend a little time with the cats from McB
’cause they got their mission trip heading to Fiji
it ain’t tough to find people you know
can’t walk 10 feet without stopping the show
but it’s camp time so I must walk slow
late july, early august, yeah, you know where to go


so tell me what you wanna do
go up on the hill maybe shoot some hoops
might catch me in the morning early afternoon
but the night gets crazy, funny like a cartoon
rematching kathlynne in some one-on-one
she’d been tossing mad trash since game number one
but it didn’t take long fore the lesson was done
but, it’s cool ’cause we’re just having fun
what else you wanna do hit the tunnels or the lake
maybe chill at the site till the clock strikes eight
ain’t no thang about showing up late
’cause the music ain’t started so you still gotta wait
just strolling around till the sun goes down
seeing who can be found pull charity out the background
outbound as we head through town
bonfire by the river, it’s cold, but I’m spellbound
like zach checking girlie out
should of stepped up see what she was about
and kyle ain’t helping out any with the doubt
so I’m sending out a scout ’cause I got that clout
trying to track down janelle, that ain’t funny
pull lizzy and justin get monopoly money
short game this year but it’s yummy in the tummy
couple business deals later and my name is Big Money
Sunday going for a quick drive
track down who you can gotta say the goodbyes
caught liz, and teresa and kory and ryan
quick pic with kyle before I run out of time
another campmeeting in the rear view mirror
memories staying bright like a chandelier
don’t know what’s gonna happen but you got love here
and may God watch us all till we meet next year