This song is an example of what happens when God touches earth.  (Recorded this version in 2010.)


Duration: 3:49
Download (4.4M)

Guitar Chords:

G          D/F#        Em7
The beauty in a single flower

    C2             G
The sun against my skin

          D/F#           Em7
The ocean spray on every shore

     C2      G/B   Am7
The sky when day begins

            G/B            Dsus   D
The God who made the eagle soar

Am7     G/B              C2
We only want to love You more

Chorus (2x):
G       D/F#               Em7
It’s so wonderful that the God who made the

C2             G
universe could love me

G               D/F#           Em7
You’re there to help me when I fall

    C2                G
You lead when I can’t see

                D/F#           Em7
You’re there to save me when I call

    C2     G/B     Am7
I’m always in Your reach

              G/B             Dsus   D
You show Your love in all You do

Am7      G/B             C2
So now I give my life to You


Am7         G/B           Dsus   D
The God who loves me as I am

Am7           G/B          C2
The God who’s coming back again