Download the MP3.  Six months after I wrote it, and a year-and-a-half after doing my album, here’s another song!

Praise (Paul Taylor)

verse 1
Em        D                C
i call to You, You turn to me
           Dsus     D       Em
i cry Your name, You come to me
           D                C
i cling to You, You cling to me
You take me closer

        Am7                 G/B
and You lift me up, and You speak my name
        C            Dsus
this is overwhelming love

            G     Dsus
i sing Your praise
You are breaking me, You have set me free
             G    Dsus
to sing Your praise
Love is who You are, from beyond the stars
          G  Dsus               Em   C
i sing Your praise, i sing Your praise

verse 2
Em        D                C
a jealous love, a flame in fire
         Dsus     D      Em
all Your love and Your desire
           D               C
i feel You here, You cover me
and draw me closer

         Am7                 G/B
when You rescue me, when You call me Yours
       C                Dsus
You pursue me with Your love